WA Football forges new alliance with Activ

Activ Foundation is excited to announce a new partnership with the West Australian Football Commission which will deliver a major boost for community football in WA.

The collaboration marks a significant step forward in promoting inclusivity and accessibility within the sport across the state.

Activ’s expertise and lived experience will complement WA Football’s commitment to making football accessible to all.

The partnership will see WA Football expand its reach and impact by creating meaningful opportunities for individuals of all abilities to participate in and enjoy the beautiful game of football.

WAFC Chief Executive Michael Roberts believes the new partnership with Activ will produce several positives for both parties in 2024.

“By collaborating with Activ, we can amplify our efforts in promoting diversity, inclusion, and social impact within the football community, continuing our efforts in making football a game for all,” Roberts said.

A key inclusion of the partnership is the naming rights to the Activ WAFL WA Day Round, which is a celebration of all things that make Western Australia great, including Activ as a stalwart in the community services industry, with a history spanning more than 70 years across the state.

“The Activ WAFL WA Day Round is the biggest weekend of the home and away season and the support of Activ in 2024 will provide significant benefits for football lovers in this state,” Roberts said.

Additionally, the partnership will see collaboration between the two organisations including an increase in representation at the Chevron City to Surf for Activ, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2024.

Activ Foundation Chief Executive Michael Heath said the partnership with the WAFL was a great way to promote inclusivity and accessibility to what is an already  engaged and diverse community.

“Inclusivity is often about education and sharing lived experience and we are excited to be able to contribute both of these to the generations that make up the WAFL community,” Mr Heath said.

“As a staunch football supporter myself, I know how influential local sporting communities can be in teaching the younger generations about life and we really look forward to working with the WAFL to instil a sense of inclusion for all.

“All of the WAFL clubs are also signing up their own teams for the Chevron City to Surf for Activ so we encourage fans to sign up to run with representatives of their club, or who they barrack for, and there’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition to get registrations up, especially when it’s in the name of giving back.”