Diversify your employment while giving back.

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People living with disability want to work, contribute and be part of their community. For years, the benefits of employing people living with disability have not been celebrated enough, or easily accessible to employers.

Many businesses are equipped to employ a person living with disability, yet they often don’t know where to start or lack understanding about the positive impact people living with disability can bring to a work environment, particularly around the pride they take and in producing quality work.

Activ’s focus on small-scale employment equips our employees with the training and capability to lift a workforce. We pair this with delivering an educational aspect for potential employers to best prepare and welcome their new recruits.

The additional support is required within the workplaces directly, with businesses being open to “doing things differently” when it comes to recruitment, onboarding, and day-to-day tasks. Employment outcomes are what’s really important, the adjustment is how we all support people living with disability to achieve this.

Employment options can be tailored to suit the business and employee but can take the form of work placements, internships, supported employment or open employment.

If you would like to chat about employing someone from Activ, contact us at employment@activ.asn.au.