Our Values

As an organisation built around care, capability and purpose, we are guided by our vision, purpose and values in all that we do. Combined, they show how we improve lives.

We are proud to be driven by and held accountable to our values, which we believe are accessible and can align with individuals and the organisation.

Our purpose

We believe greater accessibility and inclusion for people living with disability benefits all, and everyone has a role in expanding opportunities. Activ provides environments to Live and Learn with confidence and grow the potential of all people to live the life they choose.

Our vision

Building profit to enable a richer life for people living with a disability and their families within an inclusive and activated community.

Our values

We put customers at the centre. We encourage customers to take opportunities and make them count. We respect everyone’s rights and individuality. We empower customers to lead the way in their lives.


  • Design options, create opportunities and decide with our customers… not for our customers
  • Approach our roles with the customer at the centre… so we don’t limit their achievements
  • Coach towards independence and growth goals… so we don’t restrict opportunities and choices
  • Value everyone’s contribution to customers… so we don’t work in silos

We are empowered to take bold steps forward. We believe everyone has unlimited potential. We have courage, freedom and resilience to stretch ourselves. We strive for better.


  • Empower all to take informed risks… so we don’t fear change
  • Have a growth mindset… so we don’t limit potential
  • Demonstrate curiosity, exploration and experimentation…so we don’t see what didn’t go right as failure
  • Celebrate growth… so we don’t take each step forward for granted

We are accountable to ourselves and each other. We work together with integrity to achieve results. We are reliable and true to our word. We have clear expectations in our roles.


  • Commit to doing what we say we’re going to do… so we don’t avoid responsibilities
  • Work with transparency… so we don’t act dishonestly
  • Respectfully hold our leaders, peers and ourselves to account… so we don’t blame others
  • Create change in people’s lives… so we don’t lose sight of our purpose

We are always ready to hear. We will respectfully ask questions to understand you. We value and respect all forms of communication by listening beyond the words.


  • Demonstrate listening beyond words… so we don’t dismiss opinions and ideas that are different to our own
  • Communicate openly and honestly…so we don’t make judgements or assumptions
  • Hold confidentiality… so we don’t break trust
  • Value input from everyone… so we don’t dominate