Tips for helping your child move out of home and into supported accommodation

If you’re the parent of someone living with a disability, and your child is ready to move out of home, then you might be feeling worried and unsure about whether supported accommodation will be the best place for them to grow their independent living skills.

We have seen many of our customers move into supported accommodation as part of the first step in their independence journeys, ad we understand that moving out of the family home is a major life decision that deserves thought and planning.

Supported accommodation is the perfect place for people with disability to explore their freedom and independence, whilst ensuring that they can access the support services they need to thrive and achieve their goals. Watch Zoey and Steve’s story in the video below. Zoey moved into an Activ shared accommodation home in 2020, and although her dad Steve had initial worries about his daughter exploring more independence, in the video below he talks through how, with Activ’s support, he was able to step back and watch Zoey enjoy her newfound independence.


If you find that Steve’s comments resonate with you, have a read through our expert tips for when your child says they’re ready to move out of home, so that you’re as prepared as can be for this exciting step in your child’s journey to greater independence.


Ensure they have a support network

If your child is planning on moving out of home, although you will watch them grow in independence, like anyone they will still need the support of the people they love and trust the most, their parents. Moving out of home is a big change, and it’s important for your child to know that they still have a family support network they can turn to.

You can keep connected by arranging dinners or meet-ups where you can check in and see how they are going. These catch-ups will also give your child the security of knowing that you’re still there for them, even though they’re navigating a new independent lifestyle.

At Activ’s supported accommodation homes, our staff are committed to ensuring that our customers maintain strong relationships with their loved ones.

Moving into a shared accommodation home, where your child will have housemates, is also a great way for them to make friends and have other people around to socialise with.

Sometimes in a new environment it can be hard to put yourself out there, so having a housemate by their side can make it a little easier for your child to develop other social connections in their community.


Organise work or community involvement

If your child has already begun their journey to independence and participates in part-time or full-time work, then they may already be used to having responsibilities and spending time outside of the family home. Having a job can help prepare people with disability for moving out of home, as work enables us to have more responsibilities, and develop important communication skills.

If your child hasn’t yet explored employment, then you could encourage them to volunteer or participate in community activities, as this will help your child to become more independent while still living in the family home. Volunteering and community activities can be accessed through Activ’s community programs.

Through this, your child will gain confidence and can work on developing similar skills to those gained through employment, which are extremely valuable for independent living.


Help them learn necessary skills

Once you’ve spoken with your child and determined that they would like to move towards a more independent lifestyle, it’s helpful to plan ahead and introduce independence in the family home first. You don’t have to do this alone! You can Introduce independence into your child’s life with the support of community access services.

One of the skills you and/or a support worker could help your child learn is how to use public transport or taxis so they can visit you, or so they can go shopping and participate in their community. This is a skill our customer Mikaela has developed, with the support of her support worker Rachel! You can read her story here.

Another independent living skill your child can begin exploring is cooking, which they’ll be supported to further develop once they move into supported accommodation. Watch this video of our customer Jacinda, who has become quite the chef since moving into her Activ shared accommodation home.

Lastly, knowing how to pay bills and create a budget are invaluable skills to have when moving out of home. Customers in our shared accommodation homes are supported to develop these skills, but introducing them in the family home first gives your child the opportunity to slowly take on more responsibilities in preparation for living more Independently.

Learning these independent living skills will not only build your child’s confidence, but it will also give you peace of mind to know that they are prepared to live out of the family home. Also giving parents piece of mind, Activ’s supported accommodation homes are staffed 24/7 to support our customers with daily living and to achieve their goals.


Finding supported accommodation

An important step in helping your child move out of home is finding the right supported accommodation for them to live in.

Activ has been supporting people living with disability since 1951, and we’re a trusted NDIS supported accommodation provider. If you would like to learn more about our range of disability accommodation options, get in touch today.

Alternatively, browse our vacancies on our accommodation page.