Support roles fulfill like no other

With a number of support roles currently on offer, we chatted to some of our own Support Workers to see what they love most about their roles.

“This has been one of the most fulfilling jobs I’ve ever had because you can see your impact on a person’s life,” Support worker Sarah Eadie said.

Sarah is a seasoned Support Worker who has been with Activ for almost 10 years. Despite her past in high-level corporate workplaces, Sarah is a big advocate for support roles. “I love my job!”

“You just get to meet and work alongside so many interesting people and some of my customers have really amazing life stories,” Sarah shared, adding that beyond working with people from all walks of life, the best part about being a Support Worker is that no two days are the same.

“I could be supporting a customer to make his breakfast one day and the next day I could be supporting a customer to access a computer learning workshop – it’s different all the time.”

“It’s just joyful… and it’s so wonderful to be a part of their independence journey.”

Support Worker Chelsea Ryan is newer to the industry but she echos Sarah’s enthusiasm.

“I started my traineeship with Activ in 2018 when I finished school and I really loved it, so since then I’ve been working for Activ.”

“It’s such a rewarding job, I always have a smile on my face when I’m here,” Chelsea laughs.

“When we get to work in the morning, we ask the customer what they would like to do for the day – sometimes this entails going shopping, taking customers to the movies…playing golf, basketball – really whatever they like, so you never know what you’re going to do when you come to work, which is great.”

In addition to the variety a Support Worker role provides, Sarah and Chelsea both noted having supportive teams and flexibility as big benefits.

“There are so many different positions you can have within Activ and they’re so spread throughout the State,” Sarah said.

Chelsea was studying to become an Education Assistant last year and appreciated the flexibility her role provided. “I could pick my hours to suit my studies so I could still work and earn money,” she said.

Chelsea works in a group environment where “everyone’s learning from each other”. “Everyone’s so friendly and there’s always training available if you don’t feel confident doing things.”

Another current drawcard for people looking to join the Activ team in our regional areas is our team member prize draw where staff go into the running to win a trip to Canada, a Mazda 2 or $20,000 just for coming to work!

Activ exists to improve lives. We believe greater accessibility and inclusion for people living with disability benefits all, and everyone has a role in expanding opportunities.

Activ provides environments to Live and Learn with confidence and grow the potential of all people to live the life they choose.

“Helping customers achieve their goals is definitely the most rewarding part,” Chelsea said, adding that the life skills you gain from working with people with disabilities not only change your outlook on the world but are transferable across so many industries.

“If you’re thinking about becoming a support worker, I’d say do it – it is amazing and it has changed my life.”

See the range of opportunities we have on offer here or chat to one of our recruitment team today!