Growing impactful leaders

A group of eight of our Team Leaders took part in a pilot program called LEDA4Leaders over the past year and shared their inspiring journeys at a special graduation ceremony earlier this month.

The program started as a partnership with LEDA – an online learning platform specifically for leadership development – and grew with Activ’s Organisational Development team further developing the course to incorporate mentoring and group discussions – which is where the group drew the most insights.

There were 13 modules (called journeys) that covered a range of topics including developing a growth mindset, knowing yourself better, focus, collaboration, managing conflict, and team building.

The graduates were beaming with stories of how the program had helped them to get to know themselves better, which is key to being a great leader, in turn building better relationships, culture, and satisfaction for themselves and their teams.

Chief Operating Officer and Acting CEO Darren Cutri shared that we all have someone along our careers who has made an impact on us and, more often than not, that person is in a leadership position.

“That someone is a leader who has supported us, listened, and led well,” he said.

“Programs like this set us up to be even more impactful leaders and become that person that people will remember as playing a really positive role in their career and development.”

The course tapped into modern learning styles, delivered via a mixed-mode of activities, bite sized reading, self-led learning, discussions and mentoring, which made it really achievable for the team to embed into their everyday work and life.

The feedback so far has shown this flexible approach really made the learning accessible and approachable, which is a great start to any pilot program.

We hope to take all of the feedback and keep moulding it into something even more impactful that can be available to more people across Activ.