Activ Foundation secures solution for customers of large-scale congregate and industrial worksites

Activ Foundation is pleased to announce an agreement with Workpower to take over large-scale congregate employment and industrial worksites impacted by Activ’s transition away from the delivery of these services.

This announcement follows several months of working with key stakeholders including, State and Federal Government, industry, disability advocates, and family members of Activ Foundation supported employees.

Activ Foundation CEO Michael Heath commented, “After several months of hard work, negotiation, and due diligence, we are thrilled to be in this position today and to have a solution available for those customers who were impacted by last year’s difficult decisions.

“I want to thank both State and Federal governments for their support during this transition period, especially Premier McGowan, Minister Rishworth, Minister Shorten, and Minister Punch.

“We are pleased that Workpower has been able to present a solution that provides the best outcome for our impacted customers and will ensure these facilities can continue to operate.

“Most importantly, we want to thank our employees, customers, and their families and carers for their patience during this thorough process.

“Activ is excited to be able to renew our commitment to Western Australian’s living with disability for the long term – improving lives sustainably. We are grateful to be in a position now where we can concentrate on the sustainability of our core services and supports.

“These include disability accommodation, of which Activ remains the largest provider in WA, a revamped focus on community and recreation, expanding our education and training offering, and specialising in small scale supported employment.

“We strongly believe in our future strategy and look forward to broadening our suite of services to ensure we are able to provide the best possible services and supports to meet the changing needs of Western Australians living with disability, of all ages and abilities.”

Workpower CEO Lee Broomhall said “Workpower is delighted to have a pivotal role in this announcement, which delivers good news to so many people with disability, their families, and carers.

“We are humbled by the confidence shown in us by Activ and excited by and committed to the responsibility we now have, to provide a secure employment future for almost 580 employees with disability.

“We look forward to welcoming the employees, their families and carers, and staff into our organisation.

“I am confident that both our organisations are focused on the work ahead to ensure a smooth transition.

“We acknowledge the State and Commonwealth Government for their financial support which has been significant and has helped save many jobs at risk.

Their continued support is critical to building sustainable employment options and careers for people with disability.”

Activ and Workpower will continue to work together ahead of a planned transition completion date of June 30. From this date forward, the Activ sites listed below will operate under Workpower.

  • Bentley Employment Services;
  • Osborne Park Employment Services;
  • Rockingham Employment Services;
  • Bunbury Industrial Services
  • Busselton Industrial Services;
  • Kalgoorlie Employment and Community Services; and
  • Geraldton Employment Services

Note – this does not include the Property Care and Timber services in Bunbury or Property Care in Busselton.